Trial Flights

If you are thinking of trying flying, buying a flying gift or looking for the first step towards learning, then a trial flight is for you! Trial flights include temporary membership of the school, a pre-flight briefing and either a 30 minute or 60 minute flight.

30 minute flight: £125                                   60 minute flight: £175

Trial Flights can also be purchased through our online Shop.

Learning To Fly – Members

For information about learning to fly, please visit Learning to Fly. Below are our prices for the services that we provide towards gaining a licence:

Membership is £15 per month paid by standing order.

Pay as you fly:

Flying lessons are £155 per hour (in increments of 5 minutes engine on until engine off)
Exams are £60 each (5 needed for licence)
Groundschool one-to-one £30 per hour
Groundschool evening session £30 per session

We also provide block bookings which provide some great discounts:

10 hours – £1550
2 sessions of free groundschool

25 hours – £3995
Free exams and free landings at Elstree
First 5 circuit sessions included (5 x £24 = £120)

40 hours- £6200
Free exams and free landings at Elstree
All circuit sessions in the 40 hours are included

Qualified Pilots – Members

Our aircraft are available to suitably qualified pilots who are current on type – This is at a rate of £115 per hour (hobbs meter)

If you are interested in converting to the C42 or CTSW then please get in touch.