Learning to Fly


Learning to fly is an amazing journey. It is a journey that never truly ends, a good pilot is always learning and that is part of the fun.

At Fly By Light, we provide the beginning of this process by teaching on Light Sport Aircraft (fixed-wing Microlights). It is widely believed that this is the quickest and cheapest way into flying fixed-wing aeroplanes. The licence that we teach for is the National Private Pilots Licence (Aeroplanes) – NPPL(A) with a Microlight class rating.

There are several benefits to gaining this licence. Some of the main ones are summarised in this table.


You will be taught to the approved BMAA Flying Training syllabus. The syllabus is designed to develop certain skills in a carefully chosen order – this means effective learning! As a rough outline, the syllabus begins with basic flying techniques taught by your instructor, these skills then get blended together to learn more advanced skills. You will then begin to learn how to safely approach and land the aircraft. After you reach a satisfactory standard, you will then fly the aircraft solo! After some solo flying and dual revision flying, you will then develop and master your skills of navigation – initially with your instructor, then solo! After more solo flying and polishing up, you are ready for your test!

The 5 ground exams can be taken at any time before you apply for your licence (you must have passed all of them within a 24 month period before you apply for your licence). You can learn and prepare for the exams independently or can take advantage of our one-to-one or evening groundschool sessions.

Once you have completed the syllabus and you and your instructor are satisfied with your skill level, you will then take your General Skills Test – A flying test with an examiner. This is usually combined with a ground oral test which tests your knowledge of the aircraft. After passing this you will have gained the privilege to call yourself a pilot!